Red Hat – RHCSA / RHCE Meetup – January 24th, 2020

Learn Apache and Mysql. How to deploy a WordPress Website. When changing the parameter of a connection using nmcli the actual file name in /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts is not changed. For example if you have a connection file named ‘eno1’ – /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eno1 and you run the following command:nmcli con mod eno1 eno1-static (I’m using short hand, con for ‘connection’ and mod ‘modify’)the actual file name /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eno1 is not changed to ifcfg-eno1-static. However, the NAME parameter inside of ifcfg-eno1 is changed to eno1-static. The parameter is referenced in different ways when using nmcli. For example the output of the command:nmcli connection

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